The Garia MANSORY Edition

The Garia MANSORY Edition represents the result of the creative collaboration of Garia, the renowned Danish manufacturer of golf and recreational vehicles and MANSORY.

Carbonfibre expands as far as the eye can see. Normally this ultra-light and high-strength material is used only in the motor sports or spacecraft industries. However, for this exclusive edition of the Garia, MANSORY and Garia also choose to use this material, baked in the autoclave-pre-preg procedure. Inspired by supersport cars, the customization specialists have designed precisely fitting body components for a fascinating look. As components of the strong bodykits, MANSORY redesigned the front apron, the side steps and the tail apron with diffuser optics and rear fenders. Specially designed headlights, air scoops and fender gills complete this unique and complex transformation.

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Garia Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Styl
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